This document sets out how collects, processes and transmits your personal data when you use our services; as well as important information about your rights regarding the processing of your data.

What data do we collect about you?

When you call customer service department, we collect and process the following personal data for the purpose of improving the quality of customer service: a) Telephone number; b) Record of the conversation; c) Technical details of the interview (date, duration) When you contact customer service department by electronic means of communication, we collect and process the following personal data of you for the purpose of improving the quality of customer service: a) El.Pašto adresas; b) History of communication with you; When you make a purchase in our e-shop without creating a personal account, we collect and process the following personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the sales contract: (a) Name; b) El.Pašto adresas; c) Telephone number; d) Pridėtiress to which the invoice is issued e) Delivery address of the goods (required only if the method of home delivery is chosen). We also collect the following personal data from you when you shop in our e-shop for faster service: a) Procurement history; b) Payment history; c) History of communication with you. You have the opportunity to create your personal account in our e-shop to make shopping and using the e-shop more convenient for you. When you create and use a personal account, we collect and process the following personal information about you: a) El.Pašto adresas; b) History of behavior in our online store; c) History of communication with you; d) History of product reviews; e) Your questions and feedback on the goods. By creating a personal account but not making a purchase in our e-shop, you may, at your discretion, provide us with additional data that is not required to use a personal account in the e-shop. We process such data to simplify the purchasing process for your future purchases. You can provide us with the following additional data of your choice: (a) Name; b) Telephone number; c) Delivery address of the goods For what purpose do we collect and process your personal data? We collect and process your personal data in order to: a) Prepare, conclude and execute a contract of sale; b) Improving the quality of service and services; c) For direct marketing purposes. Legal basis for processing your personal data: (a) Conclusion and performance of the contract; b) Fulfillment of legal obligations; c) Protection of legal interests. How long do we keep your data? We protect your personal data to the extent necessary for the performance of the sales contract, but not for less than required by law. Data obtained with your consent is processed until you withdraw your consent (express your disagreement). Telephone call records are kept for 6 months from the end of the call. To whom and why do we transfer your data? Personal data is transferred to our partners in the cases provided for by legal acts for the purposes of execution of the sales contract or for other legitimate reasons. We transfer your data to: (a) Paysera, a payment service provider through which payments for goods and services are made; (b) Leasing companies with which you enter into hire-purchase contracts; c) Companies providing additional services (goods insurance and extended warranty) in our online store; d) Suppliers of Goods who directly supply your Goods; e) Companies providing goods transportation services that deliver your goods to you; f) Companies providing warranty service for goods; g) Companies providing marketing services; h) Companies providing accounting software and services; i) Companies that maintain our IT systems. We may also provide your data to law enforcement and government agencies and courts in accordance with legal procedures. What rights do you have? How can you access the data we hold about you? You have the right to: a) Receive information about the processing of your personal data; b) Get acquainted with the data available about you; c) Request the correction of incorrect personal data; d) Request the deletion of personal data which are no longer needed; d) Disagree or revoke your consent to the processing of your data for marketing purposes at any time. You can contact us by e-mail to find out what data we have collected about you. email This email You may also contact us by email with any other questions you may have about the rights listed above. Where to apply for infringement? If you suspect that your privacy rights have been violated, please contact us by Email. email